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Gambling World News! “ The Royal Flush Bust”

-Picture from WYFF4-

3 Georgia business owners wanted after gambling bust; 18 people already charged, police say!

  • This was a very interesting story I came across and automatically took interest in. We know that gambling is becoming more and more popular everyday, the government is now making it legal in many states across the United States. Why are they making it legal ? Because they want parts of the action! They want that good old Tax dollar to come from any possible source!

  • This happened in DULUTH, Ga. At Royal Flush Bar and Grill on September 11th. Members of the vice unit for the police executed a search warrant at the bar that led to the arrest of 18 people, and three of the business owners are wanted, according to Gwinnett County Police.

  • Officers said they arrested five employees for commercial gambling, and 13 customers were arrested for gambling.

  • You can find the Full story at:

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