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Las Vegas Aces defeat Caitlin Clark and the Indiana Fever 99-80

With memorial day weekend here in Las Vegas, the Caitlin Clark era officially began in the City of Sin. I know when I say began some of you are probably thinking to yourself, her career already started six games ago. But her long awaited arrival in Las Vegas finally came and went but not the way that I’m sure she expected it to be.

Caitlyn Clark WNBA

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Before the game started, Clark and her former Iowa teammate, Kate Martin , who is now on the opposite side playing for the Las Vegas Aces, got to meet up on the court prior to both teams warm-ups. Martin did have the opportunity to guard her former teammate during the game, but it was Jackie Young, who clamped her down and made the rookie look, just like a rookie.

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Caitlin couldn’t seem to get anything going throughout the night as her shot was just not falling the way she’s used to seeing it fall, finishing the night 2-8 from the field and 3–5 from three-point range with a total of 8 points on the night. Now the stat that I know everyone is asking about, 6 turnovers on the night as she continues to struggle in that department. 

Clark's debut in Las Vegas didn't quite meet expectations, but every player faces challenges transitioning to the professional level. Adjusting to new teammates, coaches, and playing styles can take time. It's encouraging to see her acknowledge areas for improvement, like turnovers, and express a willingness to adapt to better support her team.

" I think it's a little different, like at Iowa, every single game I'm taking like 25 shots or more." said Clark.

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Aj’a Wilson as always was the dominant force in the game last night, finishing the game with 29 points and 15 rebounds, recording her fourth consecutive 20 point 10 rebounds game of the season, tying a WNBA record in the process while leading the aces to a 99–80 victory over the Indiana fever on Saturday night live from Michelob Ultra Arena, in Las Vegas. The crowd of 10,000+ made sure that the Aces knew that they were there and had their back pretty much all night. Huge crowd in Attendance from Iowa of course, as expected due to Caitlin Clark being in town. 

Aj'a Wilson WNBA

Photo: @DrumlineAV

The one thing that I will say from being there and watching the game and my experience, is that I believe Caitlin Clark is not the problem, the coaching staff needs to find better ways of using her even if it is taking her off the ball not necessarily always using her as a point guard. At this point, you have one win on the season. I don’t see how trying to shake things up a bit will hurt moving forward. 

As for the Aces three other player scored in double figures last night with Jackie Young having 22 points and 6 assists, Kelsey Plum had 20 points and 7 assists, and rookie Kate Martin had a career high 12 points and 7 rebounds. 

Next up the Las Vegas Aces head on a road trip to Minnesota as they take on the Lynx on Wednesday night.

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Great job on the article covering the Las Vegas Aces' victory over Caitlyn Clark and the Indiana Fever! Your detailed analysis of the game, including key performances and strategic highlights, really brought the match to life for readers. The clarity and enthusiasm in your writing made the article engaging and informative. Keep up the excellent work!

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