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The Moment We’ve All Been Waiting For

WNBA Finals Preview as Game 1 of the WNBA Finals is set for Sunday, 12pm PST tip, Live from Las Vegas. Now, Before the season even tipped off and before any games were played. The rumblings of a New York Liberty versus Las Vegas Aces WNBA finals was always the main topic of conversation. And why not right? When you have names like Breanna Stewart, Candace Parker, among some of the greats that decided to go elsewhere and try to pursue a championship once again, as were some, we’re hoping to bring one to their hometown. Nonetheless, all the chatter is now over as now we stand here with the two Goliaths getting ready to face-off in the WNBA finals. We have a true matchup between the number one and number two overall seeds in this year’s playoffs. We know how the regular season ended between these two. New York liberty took the season series against the aces, and also went into Michelob ultra arena and snatched the Commissioners Cup right out of the hands of the defending champs.

Photo: ESPN

So much controversy is going into this WNBA finals. With the way, the Aces handled the Dearica Hamby situation during the off-season, to now with a lot of people saying that A’ja Wilson should be the back to back WNBA MVP yet Breanna Stewart has that trophy now. But both of these players have been a tale of two different stories. The Aces, absolute domination from A’ja Wilson just sweeping their way to the WNBA Finals, as we’re Breanna Stewart is still trying to find her way as well as the New York liberty, their road was a lot tougher getting to the finals.

Now we are in Las Vegas so it’s only right that I mention a little bit of gambling action for this WNBA finals. Currently we have Las Vegas sitting at a -210 favorite to win the WNBA finals as where the New York Liberty sit at a +170. Oh, and whats the betting line for game one you ask? Aces coming in as a -4 1/2 point favorite.

Now I am going to take my fandom out of here since I do live in Las Vegas and I will tell you this if the Las Vegas Aces cannot stop Jonquel Jones inside, they will definitely have a major problem, and will not be raising the championship once again. Sabrina Ionescu we know how much she loves to play at Michelob Ultra Arena and for some reason her shot just lights it up when she’s there. The biggest concern for me aside from that will be the Aces inability to have a bench. With Candace Parker being out the majority of the season, the Aces have been shuffling around and still trying to find their way and trying to find someone that can actually fill her shoes yet they have failed. Yes I know Alyssa Thomas is the Six Woman of the year but aside from her we have absolutely no help coming off of that bench. I truly believe that the New York Liberty are a more well-rounded basketball team than the Aces, and will continue to be a match up nightmare, as they have all season.

If I had to give you a prediction right now, I would say that this series goes the distance and when it’s all said and done the New York Liberty will be lifting the championship. If that’s not more of an unbiased take than I don’t know what is.

So ladies and gentlemen sit back, relax grab your popcorn get your tickets ready and enjoy some basketball because this is truly said to be one of the greatest WNBA finals match ups of all time. When it’s all said and done who will be on top? Will we have our first back to back champion in over 10 years? Or will the hometown kid bring back a championship to the basketball city of New York? Oh yeah, and if you were wondering if Las Vegas is ready, just look at the photo, Every game at home is officially sold out.

Photo: Las Vegas Aces

WNBA Finals vs. New York Liberty Schedule

Game 1, in Las Vegas: Sunday, October 8th

Game 2, in Las Vegas: Wednesday, October 11th

Game 3, in New York: Sunday, October 15th

*Game 4, in New York (if necessary): Wednesday, October 18th

*Game 5, in Las Vegas (if necessary): Friday, October 20th

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