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The OutLet Sports Ventures 2023-24 men's college basketball offseason recap

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A lot has changed in 6 months

The OutLet SV will be covering college hoops all season. We take pride in anything we do but the NCAAB is what got us started and will always have a special place with us here at The OutLet SV. It's hard to believe it's only been six months but it's almost time to tip-off the College basketball season. But first, let's go over what you missed in the off-season of the NCAAB World! There has been a crazy amount changes this offseason, from the transfer portal, coaching changes,and conferences changing and much more. The entire landscape of this sport has changed, so dig in and let's go over what has happened over the last six months of this off-season!

Top Headlines of the offseason

Hunter Dickinson to Kansas!

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  • Yes that's right, the former Michigan super star had packed his bags and became a top recruit in the transfer portal in the offseason. Dickinson made a choice to join the Kansas Jayhawks over multiple schools who were interested in the big man! We all know he was very good for Michigan last year, he averaged 18 points and 9 rebounds per game last season. I looked up some videos and interviews on Dickinson to try and get a understanding on his decision, I found that it was basically based off “name & Image”. Obviously his arrival will likely make this Kansas program that much better this season, especially with Kansas returning Dajuan Harris Jr. And K.J. Adams Jr. With the Dickinson addition and big returns its obvious that Kansas is the No. 1 spot in every reputable preseason poll this season!

Bob Huggins Resignation??

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  • The biggest Headline of the summer was actually a exit from Bob Huggins as head coach of West Virgina. He entered the offseason as the No. 3 all time in career wins as a Division I men's coach, only behind Mike Krzyzewski and Jim Boeheim. He has won 935 games as head coach at WV and looks like that number will not get any higher.

Pitino stirred up a Red Storm!

  • This is a good one, Rick Pitino ditches Iona and joins the St.Johns program. Pitino spent three years at Iona and led the Gaels to two league titles and two NCAA tournament appearances, So why would he leave? Pitino has always looked to be perfectly happy at Iona and never seemed to be interested in joining other programs, so it seemed. But I guess being just 30 minutes from his hometown of Oyster Bay, New York and whatever St. Johns has offered him was enough to leave Iona in the past. This is a huge hire for this St. Johns basketball program. Picking up a Hall of Fame coach who has already made a very big impact in the transfer portal, brining in Chris Ledlum from Harvard and Jordan Dingle from Penn. There are other big additions Pitino has made to this program as well and looks like the Red Storm will make some noise in the Big East race this year. But it's not all great for this St. Johns program, Mike Anderson is not happy at all and has his own storm brewing. The former coach of The Red Storm has sued the school in a huge lawsuit, he claims the school fired him without cause and without reason. Was it just to get Pitino into the program or was there actual reason the school let Anderson go? All I know is Pitino is already making his presence known at St. Johns and we are all interested in seeing how far he takes this program.

Bronny James to USC!

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  • We can welcome Bronny James to the USC program! I couldn't find much information on this but I know besides his cardiac arrest episode this summer, his recruitment into USC was some very big news. If you were not aware or been under a rock, in July Bronny was at a team workout at USC, when he suddenly collapsed after suffering cardiac arrest. James has recovered and been regularly attending his classes on campus and from what I gathered we can expect him to be on the court balling with the Trojans this season.

Wrap up the Offseason

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  • We just took a look at some of the bigger stories to hit this off season, but there is so much more that we didn't touch on. We talked about Rick Pitino being back in the big time and that Bob Huggins is no longer coaching. What we didn't talk about was, Arizona will be headed to the Big 12, the Pac-12 is essentially no more, we have seen more than 1,800 players enter the transfer portal and another couple hundred turned pro during the off season. Also the AP Top 25 preseason men's college basketball rankings were released Monday with Kansas leading all teams headed into the 2023-24 season. There will be another article released soon from The OutLet SV about the AP Top 25 Rankings and our thoughts and own predictions on this seasons teams to watch! Make sure to stay locked in with us here at The OutLet Sports Ventures for all your NCAAB Free Predictions & News! Thanks for reading!

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